Renew Our City (ROC)™

Public Talks, click links below to view presentations

May 2012 :  Friends of the Art Gallery & WEA Talk

September 10, 2011 : SCAPE Panel Discussion, The City as Memory

August 24, 2011 : River of Life, Otakaro Avon River Potential

July 1-3rd, 2011 : 48 Hour Challenge, Team NZ Wood

June 30, 2011: Vibrant Stayers, Bird's Eye View Forum 

June 21, 2011Let's ROC (Renew Our City), NZILA Workshop

June 16, 2011 : Respectful, Green & Funky Central City, ICON Community Meeting

June 12, 2011 : Change in Eastern Landscapes, Green Party's Public Forum 

May 25, 2011 :  Re-gardening Our City-Renewing the World Model, Diana Madgins' Garden City Forum 

April 20, 2011 : Land the Primary Determinant, Green Party's Public Forum



Renewed & resilient garden city responding to natural & cultural land patterning:

Read suggestions from:

Arthur Williamson, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Solar Power Expert
Robert Watts, Waterways Engineer
Robin Schulz, Developer
Jasper van der Lingen, NZ Institute of Architects           
Dr Andy Buchanan, Professor of Timber Design, College of Engineering, University of Canterbury  
Dr Chris Kissling, Professor of Transport Studies, Lincoln University
Margaret Austin
Dr Catherine Knight, Japanologist & Environmental Researcher
     - "Christchurch: a city haunted by its environmental past?"
     - "Environmental history of the future: could Christchurch become our “Greenest City”?"