Forests in and of Landscapes

Climate change mitigation that repects the nature & cultures of rural Aotearoa NZ, this land of little landscapes, involves: 1. Native forest regeneration as a priority; 2. Permanent forest establishment; 3. No pine cropping, as 0 carbon stored; 4. Wilding prevention and control to sustain landscape &other values; 5. Permanent/long term woody plantings integrated within farms; 6. Recognition of wetland (including marine) flora; 7. Integrated farm planning (IFP) guiding transition to carbon neutral farms; 8. Diverse land use management, not monocultures; 9. Planning for fire resilience; 10. Accessible information systems to inform planning, including Ecological Regions & Districts, and, Land Typing; 11. Urgent amendment of the NES-PF to provide RMA support for landscape sensitive plantings. EDS Conference presentation session 9, August 2019.

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