Di Lucas. Making our world a better place

Good design has to respond to place. If Di Lucas had followed her planned career path, she probably would have made a great scientist but Di’s about-turn after studying botany, zoology and geology at Otago University saw her head north to Lincoln College where she spent two years doing post-graduate studies to become a landscape architect – that was in the early 1970s. 

She subsequently completed her Masters in landscape planning and over the past 41 years, has established a reputation as a leading NZ landscape architect and authority on landscape policy, planning, ecology and design. architect Di Lucas has as her theme song “Don’t fence me in”. But two years ago she was indeed fenced in - behind the cordon of the Central Christchurch Red Zone.


Posted on 04/09/2018 by Defign issue 3. 2016. pp. 134-7 |